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The idea started in 2017 when Daniel, founder of the App, could not find a park for his Black Schnauzer to socialise. While working as an accountant, he started learning to program on Android and design the App. In February 2018 he needed help and followed the App with Technodac. In March 2019, the App was released.

The first year is usually the year of feedback and errors, but with 2,000 users in a year, Daniel was happy.
Now in 2021 the goal is 20 thousand users and to be able to implement new things in the App so that it is pleasant and useful for the founder and those who live with dogs.


Lead manager-Carlos C.; Android Developer-Marcos S.; iOS Developer-Edu R.; Lead designer-Eric B.; Web developer-Jesús P..


Croatian-vide13; Czech-dandi007; Dutch-qualiber/bass247; French-Joyceshorter/bianca_ch; German-Djester; Hebrew-robert1; Hungarian-Bence; Italian-sverazzo; Japanese-Grandelune; Norwiegian-catrines; Polish-alahasan81; Portuguese-JorgePrata; Romanian-alex_writes; Slovene-jctranslations; Swedish-fredrikmeller. Project  ASO research-Bojan Savikj; 

Graphic Designer - Jenny L.

Commercial – Amy

Clothing designer – Paco F.

OTHERS: Catalan-Roger A .; English-Jane G .; Project Research-Edward G .; Facebook campaign manager-Julian P .; S. media manager-Enesgu Pum;

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